My works are performances, mainly in the form of video performances and performative installations. A clean aesthetic and a simple gesture or act is central to the works. The videos are framed around the act that is performed and the sound is intimate, usually focussing on the sound that the act or performer produces. The installations are processes set into motion, either for definite or indefinite time, typically referring to an experimental set-up.

The performances are in essence an attempt to express thoughts (an essai), using thinking as a way of reflecting on beliefs and actions, and the performer as the embodiment of expression. The intertwinement of thinking and doing. The works drift in-between the theoretical and the artistic, the intellectual and the experiential, in search of doubt rather than solutions. Every performance is a new attempt and can also be a re-interpretation; video makes a transitory performance material and at the same time is as singular as a live performance. I strive to strip video of its character as a linear medium, treating it rather as moving images, allowing audiences to move freely through the works to revisit them in different stages.

Emily Huurdeman (2017)

“Emily Huurdeman: Heeft met enorme toewijding residuen van haar persoonlijke gevoelsleven benut.” (Jan Naaikensprijs, juryrapport 2014)

With intriguing simplicity she manages to create a poetic image that surprises and twinges and where the passage of time and the process is put into motion with a simple action is the base of the videos” Marleen Hartjes (work description for solo exposition for Matter Matters at TAC Eindhoven 2015)