Overview of presentations

ARC (art_research_convergence)


at KENZO The Hague (NL) 2018

Lecture Performance


Gastatelier LEO XIII 

Symposium: “It’s The End Of Hospitaltiy As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)”

at NWE de Vorst Tilburg (NL) 2018

Lecture Performance


Kunstpodium T ‘Day of the Young Artist’

at Museum De Pont Tilburg (NL) 2018

for Gastatelier LEO XIII

Lecture Performance


D’ART Teaching Artistic Research 

at Die Angewandte, University of the Arts Vienna (AT) 2018

International Symposium Didactic Art on “Teaching Artistic Research, Curriculum and Pedagogy”

Lecture Performance



at University of Plymouth Plymouth (UK) 2018

9th International Conference on Artistic Research by the Society of Artistic Research titled: “Artistic Research Will Eat Itself”

Lecture Performance


NICA Research Group on Artistic Research

at Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analyses Amsterdam (NL) 2017

Meeting #1 (31-10-2017) for ASCA Research Group on Artistic Research

Research Presentation