On essaying art (version 4) – A_R_C Sessions

A_R_C Sessions (art_research_convergence)


KORZO The Hague, 3 December 2018



Artistic research is a boundary practice, hovering between the experiential and the intellectual, the artistic and the academic. Through a continuous alternation between practice and theory, acts of intuition and systematic experiments, the artist-researcher uncovers the sensuous or tacit knowledge that is enclosed in artistic practice, and opens it for investigation and speculation.

Sharing artistic research with an audience demands a similar inclusion of sensuous experience, imagination and reflection. In this last ARC session, different presentation formats are explored. Presenters experiment with performative lecturing, essayistic methods, multimedial set-ups and an active engagement of the audience.

EMILY HUURDEMAN explores the possibilities of the essay as an ‘unmethodological method’, integrating artistic and scientific research approaches, drifting between the subjective and the objective, the experiential and the intellectual. In a multi-medial set-up, Emily will synchronise her lecture with historical, etymological and artistic image-streams

Title : Essaying art

Subtitle : an unmethodological method for Artistic Research

Emily Huurdeman, Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam, Education in Arts, The Netherlands


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