On Pitbull’s and hospitality (version 2) – LEO XIII Symposium


2 December 2018, Theater de Vorst

Mini-symposium \ Hospitality – 2 december 2018

With Maja Ćirić (SER), Lorenzo Fusi (IT), Emily Huurdeman (NL), Esther Schaminée (NL) and Liza Voetman (NL)

In December 2012 an eponymous conference was held at the Hochschule fur Grafik und Buchkunst (HGB) / Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig around this theme of hospitality. And in 2016, Sternberg published a book stemming from this conference, collecting texts from the different contributors. For this mini-symposium we drew heavy on this book. And two of it’s contributors – Maja Ćirić and Lorenzo Fusi – are also involved in this symposium. But we hope to add a next chapter to this topic. How did hospitality evolve in the years from 2012 on? What does the notion mean now the refugee crisis seems to go on without end? And what can the notion of hospitality mean for a (small) space like Leo XIII, or for spaces that resemble a place like ours?