On Essaying (final version) – Empedocles peer-reviewed article


European Journal for the Philosophy of Communication

Title of the paper: essaying Art, an unmethodological method for Artistic Research

Title of the lecture performance: On Essaying


On Essaying

In the article Essaying Art, an Un-methodological Method for Artistic Research I theoretically research the concept of essaying for artistic research in an article. In the lecture performance On Essaying I research the concept of essaying for artistic research essayisitcally. The (lecture) performances has been performed multiple times[1], each time the essaying is performed, it changes, incorporating the replies from the audience –investigating and responding to the different perspectives. The public iterations continue until the topic saturated or split onto other topics, eventually settling into an archived form: a video and a script.

[1] For instance, the lecture performance series Essaying Art has been presented in different forms at four instances: first to peers at the Piet Zwart Institute (Rotterdam, NL, 2017), then with a more academic approach at the 11th SAR International Conference (Plymouth, UK, 2018), and with a more didactical approach at D’ART International Symposium (Vienna, AU, 2018) and finally at ARC (The Hague, NL, 2018)