On Pitbull’s and politics (version 3) -SAR SIG Group co-agency – KABK 2023

Society for Artistic Reserach (SAR) Special Interest Group (SIG):

Co-agency – Artistic Research as Transformative Practice

4 December 2023 at Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (NL) 17h00-19.00 at the Auditorium

Reassessing the relationship between humans, nature and technology is one of the major challenges facing us today in the context of the debates on climate change, biodiversity crises and AI and the need for socio-ecological transformation articulated in these debates. But what could a culture of “co-agency” look like that enables the interaction between the three spheres mentioned in a way that is not anthropocentrically predetermined and opens up substantially new possibilities for being with the world – and what role could artistic research play in finding this out?

The international research group “Co-Agency – Artistic Research as transformative practice” was founded within the framework of the Society for Artistic Research in order to pursue this question with different approaches. At the centre are artistic research practices from the thematic field outlined above, which we want to use to investigate how they shape and possibly shift the horizon of meaning of certain terms and concepts, document this work and revision and develop a glossary of co-agency.

As part of an open workshop we invite all those interested in art and co-agency to participate and actively contribute to this joint, practice-based reflection.

With inputs by: 
GPT’s: Querying the ((Non)Human) with AI
Martinus Suijkerbuijk (Trondheim)

On Pitbulls
Emily Huurdeman (Tilburg)

Participating institutions:
Royal Academy of Art The Hague/Leiden University
Norwegian University of Science and Technology Trondheim (NTNU)
University of Applied Arts Vienna

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/C0Tn57wItFk/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link&igshid=ODhhZWM5NmIwOQ==

On Pitulls and politics (18.00min) by Emily Huurdeman

On Pitbulls
Emily Huurdeman (Tilburg)
On Pitbulls is an essayisitic lecture performance series that investigates the current political landscape though the narrative of Pitbull’s, including current law, sciences and personal experiences. The goal is to make visible and discuss current frictions in society through a non- human perspective, not coming to a uniform conclusion but to think through the conflicts, paradoxes and problematics. The lecture performance will have an interactive part. On Pitbulls is the first topic in the research: essaying as collective performative practice. It investigates how an essayistic process (essaying) in a performative setting can allow different artistic practices, different knowledge perspectives to interact and if the essay can get out of it solitude practice and become a collective process.